Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dueling Blogs

Okay, why two blogs? I can hear some of you pointing out that this is only going to make my other blog suffer. Alrighty. I fail to see how I could make it languish much more, in search of content than I already have. The fundamental problem I encounter here is that I'm trying to run a 'spectable operation over there. Frequently, when I see something that just pisses me the hell off, it takes a while for me to translate my visceral reaction into academia. If you want to read about me being pissed the hell off, then come here. Simple. 

If you're an academic snob, under the age of 17, or unreasoningly offended by the seven words immortalized by George Carlin, then I will again mark the exit. If you're the kind who, on being confronted with a lot of big words, starts to taste colors, then I will definitely spell stuff the fuck out for you here. Actually, you're likely to encounter a lot of big words here as well. I read a lot. Always have. Pull up in a tab & keep up. Otherwise, there are plenty of places on this Earth that discourage intellectualism in their proletariat. Pick one. And have a nice day. 

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